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Welcome to Gene Alcantara's personal website.  I hope you find here what you are looking for.  Please contact me if you need any further information.

A naturalised British citizen since 1992, Gene was born in San Pablo City in the Philippines.  He has lived in the United Kingdom since 1981, with many years spent in the East End of London (Stepney Green, Bethnal Green and West Ham), followed by a brief period in Kensington.  He has now been a resident of Westminster (Bayswater ward) for 17 years.

He was a Candidate for Westminster Council for the Labour Party in 1998, and was pipped to an elected position by 200+ votes.  He was the Veritas Party's Parliamentary Candidate for West Ham in May 2005. He withdrew his membership of Veritas in 
February 2006, and joined the Conservative Party. 
He has since been working as an OISC-Registered Immigration Adviser/Caseworker, dealing with various immigration matters of migrants in the UK and their families.  He has dealt with cases involving Filipino, Thai, Pakistani, Indian, Turkish, French, Algerian, Nigerian, Ghanaian, Zimbabwean, Portuguese, Canadian, Polish, Romanian and of course British nationalities.

He thought he would simply serve the needs of his clients and the community through his immigration and journalism work, but realized that he would be of greater service and impact if he was in an elected position to give voice to the many who are not heard.  Hence, Gene stood as an independent candidate for Greater London in the European Parliament in June 2009.


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